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Astrologer Tanuj Lalchandani Lists Things to Ensure Positivity

Humanity is the basic essence. In the fast-paced life, let us not forget the little things that make us human. Nobody forgets such a person. Such people are valued and they themselves feel a sense of happiness and contentment.

So, here is what is actually cool:

  • Thanking someone not only makes the other person happy but also earns you respect. Write small thank you notes to people who have done anything to improve your life. When someone helps you during difficult times, then such acts of kindness need to be acknowledged.
  • Learn a new skill. This enables you to keep exploring your own self. It also gives you an opportunity to actualize your untapped potential and meet new people.
  • Learn to listen. Hearing is different from listening. When you listen, you also try to understand the meaning behind those words. You empathize with the person who is speaking.
  • “To err is human.” It is natural for all of us to make mistakes. This statement definitely holds true but what makes you a better human is when you admit that you made a mistake. Accepting mistakes is the first step and the second is to learn from them.
  • Being kind-hearted is the true essence of humanity. Your acts of kindness don’t have to be extravagant. Small acts of kindness go a long way.
  • Hold open the doors of opportunity, not only for yourself but also for others.
  • Having skills is great but when you use your talent to teach someone else, you not only hone your own talent but also help the other person learn something valuable.
  • Our actions today will have a bearing on our future. So, invest in your future. Learning new things, taking care of your health, forgiving others and learning from your mistakes will prepare you for a better future.

These are not just modern mantras but have been taught for years in our vedas and scriptures. Practice these for a happier and more fulfilling life.

Tanuj Lalchandani

Tanuj Lalchandani is an astrologer, palmist, tarot reader, vaastu consultant, author, rudraksha therapist and spiritual life coach. He has authored two books titled “Treasure Trove of Zodiacs” and “Tatva, Soul & Karma”.

At the age of 22, God blessed Tanuj with an opportunity to serve Him and “Shri Tatkaleshwar Gauri Mahadev Mandir & Triveni Navgraha Shani Dham” was started in Tonk, Rajasthan. Next, he wishes to start an ambulance service to connect small villages to the city hospitals.

He was awarded with “Excellence in Astrology” and “Excellence in Tarot Card Reading” by National Institute for Education & Research (NIER). He also received “Outstanding Achievement in Vedic Astrology” award at “India Glorious Achievers Award, 2020”.

He was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Astrology by National American University.

He is proud to say that he has a very happy and content clientele who do consider him a friend, guide and confidante. Their feedback and reviews are important for Tanuj and keep him motivated to work harder.

Website: www.tanujastroseer.com

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