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Bharatpedia the reliable and easily accessible platform

Bharatpedia an online Wiki-based encyclopaedia has come up with trusted data and a user-friendly platform. There is no doubt in how much youngsters rely on google for basic knowledge on various topics and the former is one such website that provides information and content on a variety of topics online. Just like Wikipedia, the platform relies on volunteers and trusted sources and can be edited by anyone with or without an account.

Founded in August 2020, Bharatpedia is becoming popular as the Wikipedia of India. The site is created using the MediaWiki software and is an open-source website where anyone can create pages citing reliable sources. The platform provides free information to assist people with and model some of the activities frequently characteristic of potential research-based writing. 

Bharatpedia caters to the needs of all age groups, answering their desired queries and being a platform to look up for information across varied topics.

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