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'Bottega Dalmut by Leonida Ferrarese, Providing its clients a whole new tailoring experience

Creating magic with elegant and sophisticated cuts and styles, the young entrepreneur, Leonida Ferrarese from Francavilla Fontana, southern Italy has now become a well-known name in bespoke tailoring.

The 29-year-old businessman holds a Masters in Marketing in the field of haute couture from New York. Leonida Ferrarese made his way in the fashion marketing from Salvatore Ferragamo on 5th Avenue New York and later returned to his hometown to kick-start his dream project-Brand and Tailoring Maison: "Bottega Dalmut".

Breathing life into the fabric by meticulously crafting suiting and accessories for the classic gentleman, the experts in Bottega Dalmut give clients a one-of-a-kind customized shopping experience where no detail is overlooked.

Giving details to the style, Leonida Ferrarese, only use the finest materials on the market. The accessories like cashmere or silk ties, bow ties, shirts, shoes and many others are all strictly “hand made in Italy” under a lavish atelier.

Leonida Ferrarese's love for his home town, Italy, can be seen not only in his work and in his larger than life atelier 'Bottega Dalmut' but also as how this young entrepreneur after traveling half of the world chose, Italy, to built his dream Tailor Shop. Grew up in a beautiful region of southern Italy, Puglia, Leonida Ferrarese left his home to learn English and reached New York. It was there where he met the love of his life and completed his marketing degree. This city also inspired him to take styling as his passion and Ferrarese started his first job at Salvatore Ferragamo on 5th Avenue. Soon, after learning the art of tailoring and styling, Ferrarese returned to Italy and after many failed attempts and failures, Bottega Dalmut in 2013 finally became a well-known brand name.

Bottega Dalmut is running in a historical building of the ‘800 in the heart of the city of Apulia, Italy. Where one can see the sophisticated Italian design in every-bit of it. From floors and frescoes to Art everything speaks of elegance. The ground floor houses a showroom where clients can not only see Bottega Dalmut’s wide variety of fabrics, clothing, shoes and accessories but also experience a royal treatment while sipping coffee and consulting with their experts comfortably in the atelier’s living room.

What make Bottega Dalmut every client's dream

Here, Bottega Dalmut, each garment requires a long time for its making just like a painting on the canvas, with expert hands and perfect strokes. Everything in here is done with the utmost attention to detail – stitch after stitch after stitch, using a steam iron, treating the lapels and their roundness, quilting thin layers of canvas. All with precise cutting like a puzzle where all the pieces fit together perfectly, lines, squares and stitches fall together and re-create the design which the client had in his mind. Not only Bottega Dalmut gives its clients their 'Bespoke Suit' but also archive all details in the customer’s personal dossier for future orders. This not only save customer's precious time but also avoid unnecessary fitting appointments.

To give customers with their best 'customized suit', Bottega Dalmut dedicates about forty hours only to finishing and complete packaging of a suit. About 30,000 stitches are used to put together a masterpiece conceived by clients and perfected by the hands Bottega Dalmut experts who create art with fabrics and stitches.

Providing its clients a whole new tailoring experience, at Bottega Dalmut, one can not only choose the color of the buttons, linings but also different types of pockets for both the jacket and the trousers. They also pay attention to customer's desire whether to make a suit with the single-breasted jacket with two or three buttons, a formal double-breasted four or six buttons, a six-button blazer or a three-piece suit with a vest. One can also choose the rever, whether with a spear, classic with a tooth or round shawl.

With the utmost attention to detail and a willingness to create magic with scissors and fabric,  Leonida Ferrarese's tailoring Maison 'Bottega Dalmut' gives its clients once in a life-time experience with their handcrafted customized suits.

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