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Business Icon Prakash Khatri aces social responsibility along with social media

Prakash Khatri

Popular social media sensation Prakash Khatri is known to influence mass with his actions and videos. He runs multiple businesses including Devkishanji Vaktaji and Sons (Swati Seeds), Ranaji Crop Science Pvt Ltd (Ranaji Seeds), Ranaji Agro and his recent E-Commerce venture PK Mart (24x365). He and his family is known for philanthropy and social works.


Recently Prakash grabbed major love from his fans owing to his social act on his father’s birthday. Talking about the same the businessman says, “My whole life I have been walking on the path showed by my father. Hence, on his birthday I pledged to distribute 10,000 blankets to the needy in this winter season. As my father says, if we have enough resources to survive we must help the one who works hard and aren’t able to afford. While distributing blankets we fell short and discovered more people are in need and need our help. Hence we ended up distributing about 15k blankets. I still am continuing to distribute driving road side at random hours. I wish to help as many as I could.”


His acts have influenced many in past too. Along with entertainment he also ensures his social responsibility is fulfilled on social media platforms too. During hard times in covid, along with distributing essential kits he also donated ₹6,66,666/- to the PM fund. During the fund raiser drive for Dharmraj suffering from SME, not only he donated ₹1,22,222/- but also urged his followers to help. He ended up raising about 2 crores for the cause. Acing wide following of more than 300k on various social media platforms Prakash Khatri is winning hearts along with blessings. He pledges to help more and influence as many as he could.

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