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Check out the elegant collection of vintage Door Knockers from IndianShelf

In recent years, the trend of adorning doors with metal Door Knockers has picked up. A simple, practical door accessory, door knockers have been used in all the cultures across times wherever there has been a structured human settlement. With modernization and the invention of electric bell replaced Door Knockers around the world but now they are back in vogue.  IndianShelf presents a unique collection of metal door knockers for the festive season.


IndianShelf has a vast collection of metal Door Knockers, which are elegant, vintage and very unique. These are easy to attach to the door or any surface and are used to push or pull the door.  These Door Knockers can be used both for decoration and for practical usage. Especially if you are looking to give an artistic touch to your interiors, Door Knockers add to it.


At IndianShelf, Door Knockers come in a variety of style and material like brass, bronze, steel etc. and work well with any weather conditions.


Some of the popular categories of Door Knockers at IndianShelf are:


Lion Head Door Knockers – The Lion head Door Knockers are the most popular and are available in a variety of colors, shape and finish. From vintage looking, patina touched ones to modern looking; there is a vast collection.  They come in a variety of colors - gold, satin nickel, antique brass, weathered black and many more. Lion Door Knockers are an ideal decorative accent for a front entryway.  


Demon Head Knockers – The Demon face shape door knockers stands out for their decorative & ornate designs. Apart from being unusual, they also serve the purpose of keeping evil glance away. Most of these are flanked by a bird or an animal and are made of pure brass. An elegant vintage decor item, these come in a variety of finish and made.


Bird Door Knockers – The category of bird Door Knockers is beautiful and stands out for its unique bird shape cast. The most popular in these are woodpecker Door Knocker, Bronze parrot Door Knocker, Eagle brass Door Knocker, Antique Owl Door Knocker; Peacock engraved knockers and Ornate Green Patina Parrot Bird Door Knocker.


Decorative Door Knockers – There are also some unique and decorative options. For example, the Handmade roman design Door Knockers with a roman face in center is classic for a Victorian or European touch. The brass green patina elephant trunk is beautifully vintage and antique. Then there are antique anchor iron Door Knockers and seashell iron Door Knockers that stands out for their unique design. Available in different designs and metals, check out the full range on IndianShelf website


Wildlife inspired Door Knockers – A perfect amalgamation of art, design & metal, the animal & wildlife inspired Door Knockers can beautifully transform not just the surface or door but the entire area. At IndianShelf, wildlife – animals, insects, and reptiles - is a big inspiration and so one can see the same in this category. The popular ones includes Sitting Rabbit Iron Door Knocker, Bumble Bee & Sea Horse Door Knockers, Brass crocodile door knocker, Brass vintage Fox head knocker, Horse, bull & sheep door knockers.


About IndianShelf

Indianshelf sells home decor items online. It ensures all the products portray the beauty and diversity of traditional Indian arts. The company connects more than 5,000 rural artisans to contemporary urban markets, laying the groundwork for skilled, long-lasting rural employment.


Indianshelf strives to establish direct communication between customers and artisans, allowing them to collaborate efficiently and economically. Our products are eco-friendly, handcrafted, trendy, and reasonably priced.

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