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'Dev Nahi', by Madhusudan Kulkarni, a song for Corona Warriors.

Dev Nahi's lyrics don't fail to make us emotional and makes us understand that God today is found within these Corona warriors.

Sometimes what we create in the artistic and creative world can go beyond the usual understanding and make us feel deeply connected to the art, in ways more than one. The Indian music industry, so far since the pandemic began, has experimented with different songs that could celebrate the real heroes of the pandemic. Amidst this, how could the Marathi music industry remain behind? They have come up with a new track named 'Dev Nahi', which takes people on to a journey, arousing the deepest emotional feelings and makes them respect the Corona warriors more than ever.

Dev Nahi Gabharyat is a song that makes people fall in love with it instantly as it is dedicated to the Corona warriors, who have been working incessantly, day and night, to save lives and give their best in what they do. Dev Nahi's lyrics touch people's hearts as it wants people to know that God today won't be found in the temples, as he is working outside in the form of Corona warriors to save lives and give back hope and peace to people.

The lyrics by Akshay Sant is capable of making any person emotional and the music by Swapnil Sawant adds to the magic of the song when combined with the beautiful vocals of Jeevan Marathe. Produced by Madhusudan Kulkarni, he was determined to turn his visions for the song into reality as he felt it was time to celebrate these real heroes and that's what he did by releasing the track on YouTube, where people are already going gaga over it and loving every bit of the track.

The song has been wonderfully edited by Govind Budhwant and the music arrangement is done by Satyajeet Kelkar. The work of publicity design has been taken care of by Mahesh Jadhav and the production by Vaibhav Lamture and Yogesh Tawar. Shrinivas Kulkarni is the creative head, while the makers have given special credits to Ganesh Inamdar.

Dev Nahi Gabharyat makes a place in our hearts for the genuine intention with which it has been created and is all awe-inspiring. Do check out the song on YouTube now.

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