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Development projects can give a better support to labour families - Meraj Alam

The nationwide lockdown and the corona pandemic have put the country's development plans on hold. Fifty development schemes worth crores of rupees are currently stalled. Apart from canals, dams, roads, bridges, buildings, work has also been stopped in many big projects due to lockdown. Many have been postponed. How many projects under construction have been suspended. Anyway, the pace of construction works in the country remains slow, out of which this closure will have a bad effect on it. The work has also been stuck due to the MPs and MLAs putting their money for the epidemic. Growth rate in the country is at a 30-year low. It has reached. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a direct impact on India's economy. In such a situation, development will go to the trough.

There is a plan to restart the construction works in the guidelines of the lockdown. So that the economic situation can be improved to some extent. Economic and development are complementary to each other. Today both of these are in balance in the country. That all the villages of the country will be connected by roads. Now that a new challenge has come before the country, there is no possibility of it in such a situation.The impact of Covid is on education, tourism, culture, entertainment, business. Students' examinations have stopped, tourist places are closed, Teej festivals have to be celebrated by being closed at home. Due to the observance of social distance on the occasion of marriage, people are postponing the marriage, which has affected the business. The Covid-19 pandemic has started giving birth to a new kind of culture.The development of technology is a result of this. Video conferencing has been seen for the first time through new, modern apps. Internet services have increased. In the country, more than half of the work is being done sitting at home, using technology. Online studies are being done as well as online examinations are being prepared.

This epidemic is giving rise to many problems on one hand, solutions are also being found. India's future is going to be smart. The way India has handled the increasing cases of Corona and has shown its self-reliance is commendable. The kind of situation prevailing in the country, at such a time, all the youth of India came forward with innumerable technical ideas. One of which was Meraj Alam, born in Darbhanga, Bihar and grew up in Mumbai. Meraj Alam has worked in the digital world for more than 2 years. After which he has realized that the future of the country is going to be made with the help of digital and technology. It will be surprising to know that Meraj Alam is only 20 years old but at such a young age, he has started shaping his career, although today he has gone a long way in this.

Meraj Alam believes that the whole world has been affected by Corona and in such a situation, if the development and construction works run by the government are started, then a large section will get employment again. Today once again life is returning on track in the country but construction work can play an important role in providing relief to the rural laborers. Even today, more than half the population in the village is dependent on agriculture or labor. Now that the market and industries have started, in such a situation, by starting these construction schemes, the pace of development works of the government will be accelerated and these families will also be able to cooperate.

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