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DJ Groove Dev remix singles that made netizens go crazy!

DJ Groove Dev

Whether it's a house party or you have a farewell at college, whether it's a wedding or you want to do something animated for your best friend's birthday, DJ Groove Dev will make your party just the way you want it! And how?

Well, the music industry already recognizes his name as one of the top DJs and music producers. Needless to say, the artist has proved his worth from time to time. While in the real world, he has delighted people by performing live at multiple venues, for other fans, he has released multiple music singles. Yes, you read it right! If you are a party freak, then you might fall in love with his songs. After all, they have the best beats and drops.

Groove Dev's forte lies in mixing Bollywood songs with club beats and curating highly vivacious party songs that can add to your events. He has released multiple music singles of famous hits like Laung Gawacha ft. Nucleya, Choli Ke Peeche, Sharabi, Aish Karo, Kawa Kawa, Bhool Bhulaiya, Coca-Cola, Glassy Khadke, and many more. Out of these, many have crossed millions of views, and Chaiya Chaiya is one of them with more than 5 million views on YouTube. The beats of this song are guaranteed to give you goosebumps!

On sharing what inspires him to make such amazing music singles, here's what Groove Dev says: "It's people and their zeal that allow me to bring the best out of me and make such singles. I believe that music is the lifeline of all events, and thus, I have released these singles, which can amp up any party. After all, I cannot be present everywhere, but my music can be!."

Besides these, he has also released multiple series of music albums called Naytashala, which are a collection of rip-roaring songs. Groove Dev never fails to stun us with his talent and knowledge of music and discography.

He is based in New Delhi and has performed on various national and international stages. He has also performed with Yo Yo Honey Singh, Jassi Sidhu, Bombay Rockers, DJ Aqeel, Arif Lohar, Bally Sagoo, etc. Currently, Groove Dev is preparing for live shows and we are sure he will startle you soon.

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