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Dr. Khushboo Mishra – Charismatic Philanthropist Who Is Spreading The Light Of Education For Young India

Dr. Khushboo Mishra, Founder-Director of award-winning coaching academy, Gurushikshaalay Excellence MDS, has two missions in life – “Smile Pe Sabka Haq Hai” and “Dream Dekhna Toh Basic Hai.” This noted philanthropist is spreading smiles among young Indian aspirants of various career choices by helping them realize their dream career. Following these two guiding principles, Dr. Mishra and her husband, Mr. Avinash Jha, are the force behind two very significant coaching facilities, which help young students prepare for their dream career and spread smiles around.

Dr. Mishra began Gurushikshaalay in 2018 to help students prepare for tests like NEET MDS. Gurushikshaalay is an online Whatsapp discussion group for the aspirants of NEET MDS and it is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Two years later, with her husband, she launched Khushavi Smile Academy for students from different types of backgrounds, including the underprivileged sections, to provide them with coaching for various competitive exams like NEET, IIT JEE, etc.

The inspiration behind Dr. Mishra and Avinash’s exceptional work in the field of education is Dr. Ayodhyanath Jha, Avinash’s father. In addition, Dr. Mishra’s father, Mr. Shambhu Mishra has also played a significant role in instilling dedication towards social service in the couple’s minds. Most importantly, their family has remained a pillar of support for both of them and has inspired Dr. Khushboo to embark on this journey for betterment in the society. Among these is Dr. Khushboo’s brother Satyam too, whom she considers a motivational figure. Satyam is also responsible for a lot of marketing ideas to publicize both the academies. Another significant part of this operation is Dr. Richa, who is a Director at Gurushikshaalay. She devotes quality time to the academy and ensures a smooth running of the day-to-day affairs.

Dr. Khushboo considers Avinash and her family as the constants in her life, who push her to spread her wings and fly high. Thanks to her absolute devotion to her cause, Gurushikshaalay has also received the Rashtriya Shiksha Ratan award of the Constitution Club of India in 2019.

It is because of this immense support that both of them are able to dedicate more than 16 hours daily and continue to deliver quality education to their students even in these trying times of COVID-19 pandemic. With the tremendous support from their students and the public, they started a free food distribution program called “Do Roti Daan – Kare Muskaan Pradaan” for the needy people in the society, whose livelihood was severely affected in the lockdown period.

It is Dr. Khushboo’s aim in life to spread as many smiles as possible on the faces of those around her. Her social media feed, on which she continues to receive appreciation from her admirers every day, is proof that she is touching lives and transforming these too.

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