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Entrepreneur Akash Pillay’s gesture towards stray dogs is worth inspiring

The coronavirus outbreak has taken the entire world by storm which has not only affected humans but has impacted animal well-being too. 
In this hard time, Akash Pillay an entrepreneur from Pune came forward to do a noble deed of feeding stray dogs. Akash along with his companions cook food at home for all the stray dogs in their vicinity and have been following this since a week. 
Akash strongly feels that humans can ask for help but these animals cannot. Which is why it is necessary to take care of these innocent creatures who are out there in need of help. 
Earlier, Akash had also extended a helping hand to the needy families around his locality by donating 10000 masks for two consecutive days. 
Akash Pillay is a BSC Graduate in Zoology who started working at an MNC right after he completed his graduation. Soon, he decided to quit the job to persuade his dream of becoming an event planner. 
Today, Akash is a proud owner of Storror Night Life, a reputed event management agency in Pune. Akash’s hard work and passion have made him successful so much so that he has also started receiving brand offers for shoots and endorsements. 
In addition to the talent of an event manager, Akash is also known for his fit and healthy lifestyle which is clearly seen on his social media.

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