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Entrepreneur Dileep Kumar Kandula Is A Great Influence for Those Aiming To Start Multiple Ventures

Dileep Kumar Kandula, an entrepreneur is the founder of India’s largest growing Milk Shake franchise chain Shake Stories. The company started a few years ago and has grown to be one of the best ones in India. With the milkshake company's growth, Dileep became popular with each passing year. He now has the reputation of one of the most successful people in India.

Dileep Kumar Kandula is also the founder of CineBucket and works as PR for Tollywood films and celebrities. He has handled top celebs and their films and made sure it has a great reach over all media platforms. Working with celebrities helped him to build a public image for himself too. He is also one of the most known social media influencers. For his amazing influence and impactful work, he was awarded Best Social Influencer Award in 2019 at aj international social media awards function.

Along with handling a huge company and being a PR, Dileep Kumar Kandula also indulges in humanitarian work. He is the founder and director of DooraDrushti foundation, a government registered NGO which helps underprivileged people with their medical and educational needs. With his NGO, he has changed thousands of lives so far. During the pandemic, Dileep has made sure no person sleeps without food and raises funds to help people who suffered during the lockdown.

Dileep Kumar Kandula is a ray of hope to those who dream big and want to have multiple ventures. Usually, people get scared to try more than one thing. But the Entrepreneur has shown the world that if they plan everything perfectly and maintain a balance in their work, they can do anything and everything. He's indeed the best influence to today's youth who are full of dreams and hopes.

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