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Esteemed Artist Priyanka Paul participates in Kalaspandan Art fair, Nehru Center, Mumbai

Art in itself is a form of expression. And one such artist who expresses her ideas and her creativity in a unique manner is Priyanka Paul. A painter from Kolkata, describes various emotions through her paintings. According to her, Indian art forms are mature enough to depict the core human values in an unrivaled way. Although Indian traditional art forms are not being practiced on a broader scale nowadays, to her, it has no parallel in terms of humanness and expressionism.


Priyanka’s vision and clarity on the art forms are evident through the variety of emotions expressed in her paintings. She has focused on many aspects of humans in her paintings. Mainly depicting women and their emotions in many of her paintings. Women express a vast number of emotions, being a mother being the most supreme of them. She has depicted motherhood wonderfully in her paintings. One of her works showcased the “Supremacy of Mother” which was quite the talk of the town.


According to Priyanka, in different paintings mother has been tried to be depicted from different perspectives. In her latest work, she tried to depict the mother as the most influential person in anyone’s life. To deliver the message, she has chosen the ‘Damodar Lila,’ a famous incident in the life of Lord Sri Krishna, as the background for her work named, ‘Supremacy of Mother- Damodar Lila.’


Speaking of her painting style, Priyanka Paul prefers to follow the Indian traditional painting style. She takes inspiration from different schools such as Kangra, Guler, Basohli, Kishangarh, and so on. Her main interest is in spiritual themes as well. She also likes to create paintings based on nature and people. She believes that usually people learn Indian traditional painting styles from teachers personally, which is called Guru Shishya Parampara.


Priyanka Paul has a formal education in fine arts (Shilpa Ratna in fine arts from Sarbabharatiya Sangeet o Sanskriti Parishad), she mainly learned themes on which she wanted to work on with Mr. Pabak Kumar Debnath, who is an expert in different traditions of Indian Miniature Paintings. She has more than 18 years of learning experience in the creation of North Indian Miniature Style Paintings under the guidance of Mr. Pabak Kumar Debnath. Also, her collection has a number of paintings based on Lord Krishna. A lot of her work has been done using Gouache on different bases like wood and canvas. Many of Priyanka’s paintings depict women in various scenarios. Highlighting the way the women expresses her state in the paintings with the colours and strokes is her specialty.


Priyanka Paul has been a part of various exhibitions like the Nakshatra-Group exhibition at All India Fine arts and Crafts Society (AIFACS) from 15th October 2022-20th October 2022 by Luna art Gallery Delhi; Shabnam-Group exhibition at Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata from 5th August-7th August 2022 by COG India; Endangered Folk Arts of India-Group exhibition at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad from16th June-19th June 2022 by International Indian Folk Art Gallery Australia, etc.


Priyanka Paul’s upcoming exhibition will be at the Kalaspandan art Fair, Nehru Center, Mumbai from 24th to 27th November 2022.


Visit to learn more – www.pinkspaintings.com

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