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Styleetvogue is the name of the fashion page spearheaded by budding and rapidly upcoming style influencer Aisha Mahdi, a style diva who has been raised in Dubai. Being one of the youngest, most creative and sought after influencers of Kolkata, this girl is sure to raise the awareness in classy, sustainable fashion beyond her own city as well, very evident with the offers she has been getting from pan India and even abroad! What makes Aisha different from the thousands of influencers out there you ask? Well, it’s because she gives higher preference to fashion than “brands”, and wants people to get rid of the “bigger brand wins” stereotype. If that isn’t enough, her interest in fashion, beauty, Lifestyle Travel and the zeal to prove herself to herself is something which keeps her fresh, and inspirational, not surprising that the youngster has reached 300k plus followers in a short time on Instagram!

In this age of content and media, influencers play a huge role, and it’s quite a battle to stay relevant and up to the mark. But Aisha handles this pressure with utmost style. She says, “The only competition I have is with myself, and not with the world. Everyone should be answerable to their inner selves because that’s what makes you the happiest!”. And surely, this truly reflects in her content. Aisha creates content through which she not just connects with her followers, but also interacts with them, updating them with all the juicy fashion trends around. She also tries to create unique content so that she can offer something new every time to her followers. 

She did B com honors from Delhi University and moved to Kolkata to pursue her true love for fashion blogging, revolutionizing the way Kolkata preserves fashion. We hope to see her taking the market by storm with her creative ideas and content on every single social media platform!

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