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Fitness Freak Murali Vijayakumar aka Biglee Shares His Success Journey

Fitness today has become such an essential part of our lives that with the changing times and age, it is…

Fitness Freak Murali Vijayakumar aka Biglee Shares His Success Journey

Fitness today has become such an essential part of our lives that with the changing times and age, it is almost impossible to think of a life without anything to do with fitness. People today are becoming more and more aware of what we can do for our health and what measures are needed for us to remain fit at any age. 

This awareness is much required for a life where everything goes haywire with the weird schedules that we live with. We present to you, Murali Vijayakumar aka Biglee who inspires us to come out of our comfort zones and walk towards the path of a healthier mind & fitter body.

Murali was a fat kid in his earlier days and he also suffered from asthma. Can you believe a child who has been an asthmatic patient later on becoming the epitome of fitness? Difficult to believe it, right? But, guess what Murali became one. He overcame all the hurdles that he faced in life and became what he was destined to be.

His inspiration has always been his father, whom he sees as a Hero. After getting inspired by his Dad who himself had been a fit guy, he asked his dad to allow him to do bodybuilding. His Dad allowed him only on one condition if he scores more than 90% in 12th boards. This was the moment when Murali decided to work hard for himself to achieve his goal. 

At that moment, no one would have thought that a picture of Dorian Yates can inspire a teenager up to the extent that he will embark on a journey that will change his life forever. Murali so wanted to get into fitness that he worked his nights off to achieve that 90%. As they say, fortune favors the brave he scored 93% in his 12th boards. Soon after he achieved this feat, his Dad allowed him to follow his dreams. And that is where his journey towards fitness started.

Murali is a Computer science engineer and worked as a software engineer in some big MNCs like Infosys, IBM, CSC, Paypal. On top of that, he has won bodybuilding contests including Mr. Chennai, Mr. Tamil Nadu, and Mr. South India. After working for a few years, he realized that he could also help people to get fit. 

Soon after embarking on the journey of fitness he decided to guide other people as well. Today he has his website named, through this he helps in transforming people’s lives for the better. For any fitness type queries and body transformation, anyone can contact him through his website or social media.

Once you connect with him, Murali has this simple procedure that he follows. He starts with the blood test report of the client that shows him all the vitals. Through this, he identifies all those defects, lifestyle and eating habits that might be there, coming in the way of a person’s health. 

Considering each client according to their health and lifestyle he suggests some simple exercises, and diet to start with, which increases gradually as per the client’s growth towards a healthier body gets a stricter diet, and tougher workouts and this cycle continues till the client reaches the desired goal.

And after following what Biglee tells you to, you reach the goal eventually not just with a healthier body but also with a healthier mind. Biglee’s achievements in winning bodybuilding contests have been endless. Also, he is quite a learner too. He is not just a software engineer; he has a diploma in nutrition; he is an internationally certified personal trainer & health & fitness life coach. He even has an internationally accredited diploma in dietary supplement advisor.

Murali is such an inspiration to all those fitness freaks who want to make a name in the fitness industry and not just them he is an inspiration to all others too who can learn from him that no matter what challenges you face in life you can achieve whatever you want to. Even when it seems impossible, you can still do it. Murali teaches us – “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. True that.