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From Working in Serials To Becoming A Successful Bollywood Actress ! Meet Yasmeen Khan An Aspiring Actress Who Will Teach About Value of Hard Work !

She hails from the land of nawabs and Yasmeen Khan is no less than a queen in her own right. She makes her most notable debut in film a titled ‘Khali Balli’ We had brief telecon with the talented actres and this is how the gabfest went. We pose our first volley to her.


1. What is your background like?

I come from Lucknow and I have done many major TV shows and Sharmaji Ki Lag Gayee was my first major film. One can say that Khalli Balli is my first major film in Hindi.


2. What is the role you are playing in the film?

I am playing the wife of fun-ster Rajpal Yadav and he and me are the caretakers of a hotel around which the film revolves.


3. How was it like working with Rajpal Yadav?

He is the king of comedy and I was honored to work with him and learn from him and he made me really comfortable on the sets and I will always remain indebted to Rajpal Ji for making me act so wonderfully which I am sure the paying public will like.


4. What is the gist of the film?

Khalli Balli is based on a model named Sanjana who wants to become a top Bollywood actress. To make her dream come true, she gets into a relationship with Rohit, who is the owner of an ad agency. Rohit tries to produce films starring her but none of them completes. The situation gets weird when strange supernatural things start happening with Sanjana.


5. How was it like working with your co-stars?

Madhoo,the Roja girl, Kainaat Arora ,Rajneish Duggal,Vijay Raaz and above all my Adonis hunk.the HE- Man.Dharmendrajee whom I have been a fan of all my life gave me a lot of courage and encouragement to essay my character.


6. What is your opinion about director Manoj Sharma?

He is a very cool and easygoing director without any pretensions and always brings out the best from his artistes. I had worked earlier with him in Sharmajee Ki Lag Gayee and hope to work with him in his Vermajee Ki Lag Gayee.


7. Your all time favorite inspiration?

The one and only Madhuri Dixit whose eyes and expressions are so wonderful that I hope I am able to work like her.


8. Whats next on the anvil?

I am waiting for Khalli Balli to release and I am in talks with a few other filmmakers.

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