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G. Mehul Krishna Kumar’s expedition to the top: The saga of a bestselling author

The 29-year old author, G. Mehul Krishna Kumar, has taken the literary world by storm. As per apk publisher, Mehul’s debut book Lucid Dream’s: Let’s Redefine has not only topped the charts on Amazon but is also going into third-round reprint. The publisher considers the efforts laid down by the author have resulted him in achieving the pinnacle. When asked to share his success mantra, Mehul wisely dodges the question and reverts it blissfully with a quote from his book “my dreams have just attained the wings to fly; sky shall be my limit.” 

The freshness of the words and the ability of the reader to identify with what is narrated by a writer is almost mysticism, magic, but above all, it’s the talent that matters the most. Mehul as a writer in his debut novella itself has permeated the souls of young and old with fresh lyrics that speak about relationships, emotions and embarks on a journey from being a failure to success with utmost support of family in rescuing the value of love.

Mehul hails from a remote territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and has completed his education by being in this remote territory. Currently working in as a government servant in Andaman and Nicobar Administration he is swiftly progressing in the field of research. He is a researcher in Travel and Tourism Management with research papers presented on various international platforms and has even published them on reputed journals. He is a reviewer for Elsevier journal. Destiny may have carved a Researcher out of him but the real passion to write transformed him into an author. The belief of penning down things thus makes stories have resulted in the production of his debut novella Lucid Dreams: Let’s Redefine Love.

As a reader Mehul has no limits, he reads anything and everything, especially contemporary youth literature. He admires Chetan Bhagat, Durjoy Dutta, and Ravinder Singh, for their respective contribution in the field of literature. As a teenager, he found peace in reading their books because a majority of his friends read the same. Today he trying to change his taste of reading, however, it becomes indefinable to select a particular genre as his favorite. However, it is a fact that Mehul’s literary work, Lucid Dream’s: Let’s Redefine Love has already expressed the ability to approach human soul’s in a timid yet remarkable way further the quotes in the book have an in-depth impact on the reader’s mind. Mehul with his story gives an entertaining yet inspiring tale that contributes is redefining love in an all-new approach. The emotion it inflicts on the youth is certainly remarkable. He encourages with his writing to find happiness in the few peoples who literally loves you with utmost honesty. Parent’s love and the love you find while growing in life, both are essential and keeping then intact what makes a real tale of love and thereby making life prosperous.

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