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Generating Salary Bills in Tamil Nadu’s IFHRMS portal

Since the government of Tamil Nadu implemented the IFHRMS portal, there have been various issues among people about how to use it. Last month, because of a glitch in the IFHRMS system infrastructure, salaries were delayed in the state of Tamil Nadu. The government has made it mandatory for people to use it for all treasury payments and e-Challans.

Generating Salary Bill in IFHRMS

First of all, you are required to visit the IFHRMS portal through the Karuvoolam website. The official website for IFHRMS is ebsprd.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in where one can log in to the IFHRMS login portal.

After that, they will be redirected to the IFHRMS dashboard. There are various tabs in the front part of the portal which start from the Bill option. Scroll to the Payroll option from the tab menu and then click on it.

Assuming that you have completed the process that is required to be completed before generating the bill, we are going to tell you how to generate the salary bill ahead.

Click on the third option and open the Bill generation page. On that page, select the bill type as the regular salary bill or as required. Now, you’ll see the DDO Code there. Also, there's the Period and range of salary bill. Select the pay bill group. Select the employee type. Click on the Generate bill button.

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