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Gujarat Textile Industry Suffer COVID-19 Hardship

Every sector, be it Event, Infrastructure, Transport, Education, Textile and many more has suffered a lot because of the global pandemic. The lockdown has taken down not only the jobs from people worldwide but also many lives.
In Gujarat, the Textile Industry has come across huge destruction in the specific area. On Monday the official of FOSTA (Federation of Surat Textile Traders Association) said that the textile industry of Gujarat has faced a huge loss due to COVID-19.

The textile industry was all set to prepare for the wedding season. In India when the case of COVID-19 started to show up, it led to a nation-wide lockdown. The lockdown was imposed if not to put a full stop on it but at least to bleak the number of cases. The workers of the industry are yet to receive their due payments.

Rangnath Sarda, The Director Of FOSTA said, "Clothes worth Rs 10,000 crores were supplied in the month of February-March across the nation. We are yet to receive the payment. The business has got badly affected. Around Rs. 9,500 crore is stuck in the market and there is no chance of getting the money back. Even If it comes it will be after Diwali".

"In September we were able to do only 35 percent of the business. Also, wedding Season is due till November and if we receive our payments we will be able to revive the business," added Rangnath.

A textile businessman, Bhairav Singh said, " COVID-19 affected our business extremely, during the wedding season which usually arrives in February, March, and April. Almost 50 percent of our business suffered this year due to the pandemic. We haven't received our payments for the clothes which we export in bulk to different states. We are hoping that business will return to normal after Diwali'.

The Covid-19 cases continue to rise worldwide, with people facing much hardships. The Covid-19 tally on Tuesday stood at 71,75,881, with people hoping for an early respite.

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