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How I changed, how I got inspired, how I worked hard, and how I love to become an entrepreneur by Rajnish Dasmana

Yes ! Thats me,  a 106 Kgs, 12 years back and now I am 76 kg. Glad to share my journey of maintaining and being fit all these years by following a disciplined diet and giving up on junk food. I wish to and hoping rather to have people motivated in having a better & healthy lifestyle.


My self & Linford decided to experiment & transform their first food product, Singmee, through technology, to provide healthy Protein , low GI & gluten-free brown rice noodles to the world.


LINFORD and family has more than 10 years of experience in the Food & Beverage industry.


Who inspired you in life?


My mom is my best inspiration ever who work hard for my career and never demand anything from me only she want me to be a successful in my live. I have been inspired by my goal which thought me that it is not easy to catch me but tough in any kind of situation to gain me. She is no more… but still with me always love you maa ji …


One of the best Our …Fitness Icon Sahil Khan has been a true source of inspiration for me and this community and has helped motivate them to acquire a healthy lifestyle by making the right choice.


The 3 real reasons that motivate me to work hard every day Autonomy: Our desire to direct our own lives. In short: “You probably want to do something interesting, let me get out of your way!” Mastery: Our urge to get better at stuff. Purpose: The feeling and intention that we can make a difference in the world.


I am not giving up, no matter how many times i have fail. ...every failure is the lesson

I learnt … So, if you have decided to be an entrepreneur, prepare yourself mentally for surprises and problems that you may have to handle throughout the entrepreneurial process." Such mental preparation helps entrepreneurs to handle hard times and to persevere in the realization of the project all the way to success.


Rajnish Dasmana

Founder ( Singmee india pvt ltd )




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