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How Pooja Pathak Juggles Real Estate and Instagram: A Deep Dive

Pooja Pathak goes by Elivia Pathak on Instagram. The rising Instagram star manages her time and energy between her Real Estate business and content creation.

The 27-year-old started her journey as a real estate developer with a little apprehension as she wasn't sure if those around her would approve of it. Elivia went to meetings and sites by herself, started collaborating with the big names of the industry and learnt everything she could through her experiences and interactions.

She says, "I was in your typical 20s crisis, where half your friends are settling down, starting families, and the other half are still holding on to the dorm days. And I was in the middle of it, I didn't know where to go, and what to do. I wanted to find some purpose that allowed me my space, freedom but I didn't want these by starting some precarious venture. After much thought, nothing quite fit, but I did have a Eureka moment at the end of the tunnel - real estate!"

"Real estate is such a dynamic market, it gives you an infinite sky of possibilities and rewards, yet is firmly planted in the ground. I'm very grateful for my choice of getting into the real estate business because it has taught me so much and gifted me some of the most exciting moments of my life.".

Elivia has picked the roles of developer and realtor in real estate and has steadily been growing Instagram presence. All of these are demanding work, but through passion and commitment, Elivia manages it all gracefully.

Apart from her work as an influencer and in real estate, Pooja has another venture in the works -"Elivia", Elivia is set to be a premium lingerie company and despite setbacks, because of the pandemic Pooja is committed to bringing Elivia to life.

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