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In the field of musical theatre, Hooghlywala is Arun Ahir's more well-known stage name

Due to his ability to sing a wide range of songs, his fame has grown recently around the nation. Indian rapper, composer, guitarist, recorder, music producer, and programmer Hooghlywala is well-known. Although he has performed in a variety of Indian languages, his primary language of choice is Hindi. One of the most well-known and versatile rapper in the annals of Indian music and Bollywood films is Hooghlywala. His career took off after he met other directors and he became well-known.


Hooghlywala is one of the well-known names among aspiring rapper and artists. In addition to becoming a well-known YouTuber, he also attempted singing and music. Because of his incredible collection of musical tracks and films, he is well-known among his followers and fans. Due to his ability to sing a wide range of songs, his fame has grown recently around the nation. He was born in Hooghly, Kolkata, India, and his debut song, "Hooghly Gang Rap," was made available on all music streaming services.


Arun Ahir is better known by his stage name Hooghlywala in the world of rapper. He was born in 12th August 1995, his real fame came after releasing his most popular song 'Sabar Rakh ' in 2022 , this song became immensely popular and achieved 2 lakh + views on YouTube accross the world within a month . This song has given him new dirrecton , fame and popularity in public.


His 10+ soundtrack was subsequently released on a number of music streaming sites, including, to name a few, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, iTunes, JioSaavan, and Amazon Music. He was also seen uploading his soundtracks to a number of other foreign music streaming platforms, including Napster, Tidal, and Deezer, to name a few. Of course, he has a tonne of videos of himself singing on Tik Tok and other social media platforms, including Facebook Library, Instagram, and Tik Tok, to name a few. Hooghlywala is a musical blogger in general and a musical YouTuber specifically.


He is also a well-known social media influencer, which elevates him to the position of top celebrity manager. He concentrates all of his efforts on YouTube because that is where he finds the most success online. This has helped him become a skilled YouTuber on social media, where he had previously seemed to sing a lot in the music business. The accessibility of social media has also been made possible by the growth of the internet. Even now, YouTube remains a huge platform with many potential applications. India, which has a population of over 700 million, has made significant advancements to the internet.


The young man had trouble succeeding despite being a YouTuber, Rapper and Singer. He hasn't made an effort to reverse the trend despite portraying himself as someone who is marketable. He created a YouTube channel and uploads music videos there on various topics. Hooghlywala continued to perform music at the same time and put a lot of effort into succeeding there as well. He paved the route for himself while creating countless songs and films about a variety of other issues with his great talent.

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