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Influencer for a Cause: Ashish Singh

Instagram, the medium to share pictures and videos, has become a hub for many to use their talent and expertise to influence. It is an art to express the thoughts and ideas in a manner that not only the posts are appreciated, but replicated and adopted by millions. The subjects may vary, ranging from fashion, food, technology, media and so on, the list goes endless. There are numerous for each of the subjects, sharing their impressive talent to gain appreciation from across the globe and earn their bread and butter at the end of the day.  Then there comes a blogger straight from Chandigarh, who works on the subject of fashion and utilizes the money earned for the welfare of humanity. 

Ashish Singh, famous by his Instagram Handle, @thevanquishment, is quite a heartthrob and stylish fashion blogger. He is known for his successful campaigns with American Tourister, Converse, Bata, Muscle Blaze, Hotstar, Being Human, Sennheiser, to name a few. Like any other influencer, he would charge a fee for collaborating with different brands and talk about their products and services in general. But what makes Ashish different from many is his habit of saving 5% to 10% of his earnings from each and every campaign and sharing it with the lesser fortunate through different means. He would buy chocolates, cookies, chips, ice cream and food for kids, and distribute it as he goes out to temples or gurudwaras, thanking the Almighty for what he has. This has become so common for him that sometimes children would come down to his house to get gifts from him.

He believes that people go out to eat and chill, shelling out money for the same. If they take as little as 5% of the amount which they spend on recreation every week or month, and spend it on the needy, the world will become a beautiful place to live in. For promoting the same, he posts the pictures of happy kids getting food and goodies every other week under a series called ‘Happiness’ on his Instagram handle. As what he believes is that if sharing such posts on Instagram can influence people to help more people, his work as an influencer would be justified.

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