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Influencer Sandhya Naidu shares her nutrition mantras

Post-covid scenarios have propelled the masses to cultivate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Speaking of which, how do you decode the term 'nutrition'? Diet, right? Well, if you ask Sandhya Naidu, she says, "Both healthy states of body and mind contribute to nutrition."


The internet admires this young digital creator for her chic fashion flair and travel stories. But Sandhya Naidu is more than that! She lives a very robust life and is often asked to share some health tips. If you too were longing to know her fitness codes, you just got lucky as Sandhya Naidu shared a few of her nutrition mantras.


As quoted above, the influencer divides the sources of nourishment into two; the right diet and a healthy mind. Talking about the first part, Sandhya Naidu says, "Eating minimally is my way of gaining nutrients. I put my firm belief in the fact that we should always try to get power on our taste buds and, instead of eating in slapdash, shift to mindful eating techniques." Besides all this, Sandhya Naidu also suggests exercising regularly.


However, if you truly want to heed what this fashion lady has to say, then you must be mentally fit as well. Sandhya asserts, "It doesn't matter how rigidly you are following your diet. It's all in vain if you cannot maintain a good mental state. A disturbed mind will not allow your body to function properly, causing physical weakness. Hence, mental health is of utmost importance."


Sandhya Naidu observes her mantras rigidly. To promote the idea of a healthy mind, she often stays and replenishes her soul at naturopathy centres like Moksha Naturopathy. Seeing her vivacious lifestyle, Sandhya has also worked with several health brands like Saffola, Mahindra Susten, Daily Nutrition, Nestle India, MUSTIN FOODS and many more.


Lastly, Sandhya Naidu concluded by saying, "There are numerous people whom we know have lost their lives to bad health conditions. It is not always some physical disease that takes a toll on human life. Oftentimes, it's undiagnosed and hushed mental diseases that lead to casualty. You need to guard both."

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