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Ingenuity helicopter breaking records with its remarkable performance

NASA makes history as an Ingenuity helicopter is still flying high on Mars. NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter was expected to travel to mars five times but breaking its records it has completed 12 flights and is still not ready to retire. Seeing the impressive and unexpected success, the US Space agency has extended ingenuity’s mission indefinitely.  

The miniature helicopter becomes the regular travel companion of the rover Perseverance, looking out for the signals of ancient life survival on mars. Ingenuity hitched a ride to mars declaring the tiny helicopter, Ingenuity as the first chopper which gets far beyond its operation and works exceptionally well.

“Everything is working so well,” said Josh Ravich, the head of Ingenuity’s mechanical engineering team. “We’re doing better on the surface than we had expected.

The project has not been successful if the people surrounding and working towards their dream project have not put their utmost effort. Dozens of people have contributed and dozens are still performing their day-to-day roles. 

The initial doubts regarding the journey were obvious. It has been a well-known fact that air on mars has a density proportional to one percent of the Earth’s atmosphere. Flying a helicopter on mars is next to impossible. On flight 12 distance covered surrounds around  1,467 feet (450 meters). Further, flight 13 will cover about 690 feet (210 meters) in around 161 seconds and will capture 10 pictures. 

Ingenuity is an invention in technology whose aim is to demonstrate that flight on Mars is possible. So “anything we can learn from it scientifically is icing on the cake”, says Brian Jackson, a physicist at Boise State University in Idaho. 

Exceeding all expectations on April 19, Ingenuity becomes the first motorized craft to fly on another planet. Ingenuity was introduced with the mission to survey life on Mars. With the successful completion of Ingenuity’s mission, all of the engineer goals have been accomplished. 

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