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Is loving someone a crime?: 16-year-old Delhi girl’s murder case

Love, being with someone or the feeling of having a partner is considered to be one of the most beautiful things. However, with love comes a lot of things including misunderstandings, heartbreaks, conflicts of interest, etcetera, because all these glitters are not always gold. Sometimes people even grow apart and that is okay but it sucks to see some people forcing each other to stay in a relationship even though it is not working out. More than that, these days one thing that has been witnessing rapid growth is individuals murdering their exes. Recently one such case yet again happened when on Sunday, in front of the public, a 16-year-old girl was fatally stabbed in Shahbad Dairy in the suburbs of Delhi.


A 20-year-old AC mechanic, Sahil allegedly stabbed a 16-year-old girl to death and upon interrogation, the Delhi police got to know that he had purchased the knife used in the murder from Haridwar on Friday. The knife allegedly used to kill her has not yet been found by police.  They further told that the girl was ending their relationship, which enraged him. According to authorities, an argument between them on Thursday served as the catalyst for the murder.


The question is does a breakup justify murder? Is that what we have been teaching our children? And no we cannot blame teen love for that because some time back a boyfriend murdered his girlfriend who he used to stay in a live-in with because she asked him to marry her. So it is not age’s fault but where are we as a society lagging? Who is giving these murderers the audacity to kill someone just because they rejected their love? Is that the upbringing people are getting?


The funnier thing is that this murder was done in broad daylight and not even a single individual came forward to help the girl. Are we always going to act woke when something hideous happens and not actually provide help when it is needed?  On Sunday evening, the girl was en route to the birthday celebration for the son of a female friend of hers when Sahil allegedly blocked her and fatally stabbed her in front of over a dozen witnesses while they stood nearby and did nothing. CCTV footage shows Sahil repeatedly hitting the girl's head with a brick, kicking and stomping her, and stabbing her 16 times.


Locals claimed they were too afraid of the assault to confront Sahil, and the area's reputation for suspected street crimes caused them to stay away. The girl was found dead in the street with half of her body in a drain when the initial call to the police came in about 25 minutes after the crime. She was killed only a few metres away from her home. 

About 18 hours after the murder that was documented on camera (ya there was a camera still he murdered her), Sahil was arrested in his hometown of Bulandshahr on Monday. He was brought from Bulandshahr during the course of the night and shown before a court in Delhi on Tuesday, after which he was reportedly given two days in police custody.

 The victim’s mother has requested a death penalty for Sahil who resided with his family around three kilometres away from the girl’s home. What else can a mother whose child has been killed in broad daylight do? An incident like this always raises so many questions in our minds. Is anyone ever safe? Is loving someone a crime? Is moving on from someone not okay? Well, in the end, all we can hope is that the girl and her family get the justice they deserve! 


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