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Jalaj Tiwari: Entrepreneur that the country needs

At such a young age of 25 where the competitors were 40 years old and so, Jalaj Tiwari has been contracting with some of the biggest projects across the state. Whether it is about building the biggest rail yard in Lucknow or its about building major bridges for Indian railways. He has kept his position to compete with the big players in the country like QuesCorp and AKP. After graduating from AKGEC, Jalaj stepped in to take small projects for Indian railways like the construction of minor bridges and maintenance of lines. Slowly and steadily he self-learned the art of contracting and started bidding for big projects. His journey was full of lots of downs initially where he missed out on 15 projects in the entire year, but he didn’t give up and kept his visions upfront of all the downfall. He also started picking up projects from the Power corporation fo Uttar Pradesh and the Public development work of the city. Between 2018 and 2020, he was the only one who provided the entire country with Partly casted sleepers to the railways and since then he hasn’t turned back.  Jalaj is also a fitness enthusiast who likes to give it back to the society with his company’s belief in Corporate social responsibility he likes to donate as much as he could to give it back to the society. He fed about 500 people across 30 days in the fix of Covid-19 when a lot of people were suffering due to a lack of resources amidst the lockdown. His vision to help everyone irrespective of where someone belongs to gives him hope to put food on everyone’s plate one day.  He is not only into taking up projects and finishing up often before time but also provides employment to lacs of people in terms of Security, technical or non-technical personnel. With his company “Shivam Shield” that employs lacs of people in different sectors like Government, Schools, Colleges, Industries, and more, he has been able to manage everything with his own hard work. When it comes to virtue, he strongly believes in converting opportunities for himself rather than sitting back with a setback. In such a time when most people preferred to work across different domains for other people, Jalaj decided to work for himself and kept himself afloat to grow the economy.

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