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Just depending on the right people is the key to making remarkable independent film

Clinton - a story of a 10-year-old boy in the hills of Kalimpong struggling in his boarding school to protect what's his and himself in the process. Director Prithviraj Das Gupta has been able to ignite a spark of nostalgia in the audience through this film and takes one back to their own childhood with a fascinating storyline. Clinton has bagged a lot of accolades on national and international platforms. Produced by Raghav Diwan and Nishith Dhiman Shah and co-produced by Vivek Bhadra, Jigar Gori and Prithviraj Das Gupta himself, Clinton has been screened overseas in multiple countries like France, Korea, Russia, and Turkey to name a few. It has been acclaimed by the International Short film festival of India 2022 and Kids Cinema 2022, not to miss the grand mention at Paris International Children Care Film Festival and has now been honoured in IFFI’s 53rd  edition 2022. However, the journey of Clinton still continues said the director, Das Gupta.


Fueled by the overwhelmingly loving response of the audience of India and abroad, and with the support of prestigious recognitions from across the world, Clinton’s journey is on a trajectory to become a feature film in near future. Director Prithviraj and Producer Mr Diwan have been pitching Clinton as a feature film nationally and internationally. The response has been encouragingly favourable for the audience to prepare for more stories that Clinton has yet to tell the world.


“This short film got successful through a lot of factors other than a compelling narrative, sterling direction, marvellous cinematography, art and exceptional production design. It involved a team who wanted the story to come alive on the screen as powerfully as the connection that was felt with it. Once that purpose aligned for all, the entire team reflected on the screen with all skills and honesty,” said the director in one of his exclusive interviews. With his team, Clinton was a third successful milestone after two short films ‘Jasmine’ and ‘Love in Kalimpong’' and two feature films which are presently in post-production. Additionally, soon they will have Clinton on the list as the third feature. This milestone was achieved by collaboration with Northeast’s Spinning world Production from Kalimpong, West India’s Blackeye Entertainment and Gujarat-based RV Films. The whole team is only soaring higher with each project.


As an independent filmmaker, Prithviraj believes bringing together such a team is an essential part of independent filmmaking who share the same passion for a story as the storyteller. After all, at the end of the day, he wishes to share an intimate emotion with the audience through his films which always inspire his heart. Taking every difficulty on his way as a challenge and working through it to keep the lessons it brings along the journey, Prithviraj wishes to tell his stories despite odds that are an inevitable part of the process. 


Producer Mr Raghav Diwan supports and feeds on the zeal, enthusiasm and candour of filmmakers other than their stories. He believes the uniqueness of a film and its honesty is what will be reverberated with the audience and that's the fundamental ingredient to create magic on screen. He further adds with respect to sourcing capital evinces filmmakers to be capable of selling a story rather than selling their struggle, without being caught up with the process that involves bringing together resources imperative to bring the story to screen, as a good story has a way to tell themselves and rest will be taken care of. It is undisputedly accredited that a strong team compatibility and akin aligned vision towards a story is elemental to making a good film.

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