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Kaushal Reddy Ottem: A 17-year-old young achiever who has been awarded a graduate qualification from an Australian University

Kaushal Reddy Ottem is a 17-year-old Indian-born Australian Student. He has achieved a rare feat in Australia as the child genius completed his postgraduate qualification at RMIT in Business Administration at 17. When most kids his age are completing their final year at school, Kaushal Ottem has emerged in science and technology.

He has authored several books on digital transformations, innovations and business models, research publications, and several inventions.

Kaushal Ottem stated creating technologies at the age of '9', programming on iPad gifted by his parents, and swiftly moved into the world of Apple products and XCode programming at the age of 10.

With his tremendous technology and innovations knowledge, Kaushal Reddy has won the design awards of 2020 in creating an efficient PC using recycled materials.

One of the youngest recipients to complete an Internet of Things program at Stanford University and an Entrepreneurship and Innovations Program at Harvard Business Extension School. He adds, "the

experience from these universities have shaped me into a whole new mature person in the science and technology field."

Born in Hyderabad (United Andhra Pradesh), he wanted something different in life and something that is not yet done.

Migrated to Australia with his parents at a young age, he has stepped into entrepreneurship with 3D Printing Materials Design and Machine Learning. The 17-year-old has reached the crescendo of success with his superior technology and innovations intellectual thinking and works.

He first found success at the age of 10 by developing a 3D design and printed Kangaroo model to display in a school carnival; it was appreciated by the local leaders.

This pushed him to think beyond and work for a consulting agency to develop arms and limbs for younger kids suffering to afford prosthetics. This young technologist worked on materials design research to support the idea and establish affordable prosthetic (hands).

Kaushal Ottem wants to foray into the world of academics, research, and theories to help more comprehensive people with models and policies that can ease public pain points and investigate a social corporative sector.

He is currently admitted into the final semester of his Masters, concentrating on Innovations and Design Thinking.

Now, as he says, "I will not be in the right position to describe the feeling, but surely the hard work of 9 years and struggle, risks taken at a young age that has put me in the spot. I will be more comfortable to talk about things five years down the line to describe the advantages of finishing my degree earlier. Technology has provided me with great scope to utilize in a productive way that can enhanced and help make other people's life."

We wish him all the best in the journey!

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