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Kris Gomez To Come Up With New Documentary Movie “India Discovered” In Bollywood

Every opportunity is grasped with the utmost care and driven along the path of success. One such Driver of life is Kris Gomez, who is planning to enter the world of fame with a small name. He is considered to be one of the sensational YouTubers, with a great fashion sense who is a travel freak. Adding up to his achievements, he is a lifestyle photographer who has always been supportive of the rising talents. He has been playing his role well, but this time, he is not just supporting, but being a part of the same. Yes, upcoming short movies are said to be directed by Kris. Not just this, he is also going to play a role in it. “India Discovered” is the upcoming short movie by this rising star. The movie has been shot in some of the major cities of India, describing and depicting the culture of the country by giving a strong connection to it with the “Street of all”.

But will this movie be liked? I mean the names, they show something about what India Discovered. On being asked the same question to Kris he says, “I have directed varied movies internationally but being a part of Bollywood, it was like among my one such dreams which are now getting shape. It’s been a while since I said someone how much I am in love with the culture, the taste and the people of India. I know the movie title makes you guys wonder this to be something which the Youth might demand but it takes along all the sections of society and covers all the age groups. There’s something I would like to give a hint about it before the release. The movie, the country, demands freedom. No, no, I don’t mean it to be the rights of citizens, it's something beyond that. Something which will show how people are trying to get up, to believe and to get along the New rising India. Well, this is not just what is depicted, there’s hidden a lot of it, which will surely be appreciated by all. Trust me, it will.”

His movies, they are not just based on the story but will also provide opportunities to some Young Punjabi talents. He says, “Being a YouTuber has its benefits but something which I learned from it is to find the faces which are still uncovered to that extent. Somewhere along I meet them and there it goes.”

His aim is not just to be a part of the Bollywood because he aims to become one of the well-known YouTuber of the world with all the increasing likes and views over his already success making channel. His contents in the Digital market are attracting a lot.

Kris was once asked how does he manages his life while traveling to which he answered, “I don’t manage while traveling, traveling manages me by all means. For me, it’s a way to success, a way to get some great ideas and to learn the uniqueness of the world which can be well depicted by my art. Los Angeles, San Diego, Spain, Greece etc are among the best of places I made to and of-course all of it has helped me to become what I am today”.

This young talent is going to get the people wow by his movie which is all set to be released by the end of this year and not just excited, it is awaited to see how the 2 words movie title is going to create a sensation among all.

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