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Lifestyle Influencer Joey Hickson offers a strong platform for Global Influencers

Lifestyle Influencer Joey Hickson has been hailed as the Guru of manages some of the biggest influencers in the world.

People who follow Joey (Joey Hickson's personal Instagram account), would be accustomed to who he is. Beyond just being an influencer, he manages some of the biggest influencers in the world. With a clientele like Flo Rida, FitTea, Gary Vee, Empire Records, Capitol Records and more, Joey Hickson is arguably the most successful manager of other influencers.

Joseph Kenneth Hickson was born in San Mateo, California. Armed with a high school diploma from El Camino and a great deal of passion in his heart, this talented father of two, has been hailed as the Guru of content marketing.

Joey has become somewhat of a social media expert in his time and is consistently recognized as the driving force in the world of social media content production, marketing, and online influencing. He helps several other famous personalities increase their online reach and create great social media content. 

Besides this, he is also a popular social media personality with a massive follower base of more than 20 million on Instagram and other platforms. While talking about this, he said, "I was in tech sales when Instagram came out and I was a very early adopter on the platform, hence I was able to use that early adaptation to grow my network."

Single father of two and the CEO of Integrate Social Group, a social media marketing agency, Joey is completely focused on creating a 20 million follower network for all his clients. According to him, this network will help his clients to build their personal brand by growing their following. He was the early adopter of Instagram and thus is well-aware of its perils. His experience is surely valuable to anyone who wishes to take over the social media space by storm.

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