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Lucy 3 helps create value for sustainable development for future generations

Lucy and The Parabola is the third book in the successful Lucy book franchise, a sci-fi trilogy that revolves around Lucy and chronicles her adventures. Lucy which is the acronym for Love-Understanding-Creation and Youthfulness reveals strong parallels with the world as we know it and does not only limit itself to the fictional world of the trilogy. The book does a fantastic job in trying to predict the problems that may arise in the future if society does not reflect and break patterns that are deteriorating the very fabric of society.

“Lucy 3 was like delving into a deep dive towards the darkness of our dreams to search out a light for ourselves which was just hiding and waiting for us there,” said Mr. AnandajitGoswami on the inspiration for consistently bringing Lucy back.

The first two books, ‘Lucy and the Train and ‘Lucy Meets Artificial Intelligence’ have set up Lucy as the saviour of the earthlings as they are faced with the danger of being wiped out once again. Aware that she is the only one who can venture into the future and find out the answer to save the world from imminent doom, Lucy sets off on a mega-adventure but her journey is filled with treacherous twists and sinister entities.

“The book will open up that realm of future, dreams, and reality for the readers.” Remarked Debashis Chakraborty on the possibilities of the readers connecting with the Lucy franchise.

"Taking on a successful franchise is always a challenge but we are glad that we were able to pitch Lucy 3 to a well-known traditional publishing house like Locksley Hall Publishing, who have done a commendable job on it. The high sales bear testimony to the reader's love for it." Said Suhail Mathur, co-founder, The Book Bakers Literary Agency 

Published by Locksley Hall Publishing LLP, Lucy and the Parabola goes through feelings where the journey encourages the reader to explore moralistic, ruminating, active, action-oriented vision about science fiction, dystopia, sustainability, and humanity at large.

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