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"Manifesting childhood dream" Sunny Mehrotra : @sunnymehrotraofficial

Do you remember your childhood dream? As young children, most of us were able to clearly and directly state what we wanted to be when we grew up. Whatever the dream was, you were pretty certain it would become your reality. Now, fast forward 30 years and you are living that dream. Fascinating right? Sunny Mehrotra is living that life. At a very tender age, like every other kid in India, even Sunny was a fan of Hrithik Roshan but not for his acting, for his spectacular physique.


Sunny Mehrotra, the native of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh is the owner and director of two gyms. Apart form this, is one of a rare personality who can do fashion and fitness modelling. He has won prestigious titles and collaborated with well renowned brands. Having said that, he wasn't born a picture perfect being, he worked consistently and strived. His journey began when he completed his MBA in UK and came back to join his dad's business. For good 5-6 years, he worked but always felt like something’s missing. Sunny wanted his separate identify, to do something independently which will make his parents proud. So In 2016, he decided to appear for Mr. India. Being amongst top 6 contestants didn't satisfy him enough. Because he was meant to be on top. Later, for 6 months straight he worked vigorous towards his body to an extend that he left consuming salt. Such dedication surely results into something huge. Later, he was awarded with 'Best Physique Award' in Mr. Universe pageant. This opened doors of opportunities for Sunny. Ramp shows, walking as a show stopper, Brand endorsements stating coming in. He got his recognition in modelling world. Today, over 95 top-grader brands have collaborated with Sunny. The then shy, introverted guy have now become a confident, admired man. In tire-two cities like Lucknow, fashion takes time to be accepted. Moreover, a career in fashion and fitness seems far- fetched. At initial stages, like ever other parent Sunny's parents were not willing for him to discover his passion. The only person that stood besides him is Mrs Soniya, his better half. The best possible thing you can get out of a relationship is that you’re with someone who encourages you to be the best version of yourself every day. Soniya believed in Sunny's passion and made him achieve what he has today.



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