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Meet Arun Gaikwad, a tabla expert making people groove on his beats

Music instruments plays a very crucial role in the making of beats and music. It is not easy for someone to just come and play these instruments like nothing. One has to learn the right way of learning and playing these instruments. If anyone dreams to become a master in playing musical instruments, he has to practice in order to polish his skills. In this article, we are going to introduce you to a master of instrumental music better known as Arun Gaikwad.

Arun Gaikwad is a semi-classical musician percussionist. He was born on 12th August 1982 in a Maharashtrian family in Mumbai, India. Due to his father’s death, he left his studies at a very young age. ARUN faced many ups and downs from the starting of his life. When he was 13 years of old, he also started working just to support his family. One day a man of his society asked him if he would like to learn and play tabla . Arun told him a yes and he started moving towards the man’s house. The man gave him a set of tabla to play, this was the very first time when he was playing a musical instrument. Slowly and slowly, he started achieving and creating the joy of playing tabla. This was the time when he realized about musical instruments due to bad financial conditions, he was not able to buy a set of tabla for himself. After some time, his mother with his aunt saved some money and bought a tabla set for Him

He kept on polishing himself by doing riyaz continue 8/12hrs everyday and officially started his career. He kept on doing Bhajan’s ,santwani ,dairo , many more types of show he did in the period of 5/6yrs in and around India he is well-known artist in Gujrat and Mumbai he had worked with well-known organizer as well as Bhajanik Laxman Barot , lokgayak - Kirtidaan Gadhvi, Osman Mir, Tejdaan Gadhvi and many more finally started his journey at international level after 2008 he got a chance to visit Malaysia for a show. He is expert in playing tabla, dholak, dhol and many more musical instruments. After returning from Malaysia, he was appreciated for his semi-classical music. Earlier he used to play in bhajans and now was the time when he started his professional career by getting international tours and shows. In 2011 he visited the United States of America for the very first time to play in Navratri and Diwali shows. People of the same society liked Arun’s way of playing and presenting his semi-classical music. In 2012 and 2015 he was again called to United States of America for the same shows. Arun started playing in Bollywood nights too. In 2017 and 2018 he was again called back to USA for Navratri Diwali shows.

If we talk about Arun’s future so he is planning to enter Bollywood very soon. He believes that he can give us more memorable music and beats to Bollywood. Currently, he is working on semi-classical music with tabla cover song which is coming soon. Arun is a true hustler he stood his family from nothing to here. He is very thankful to God for giving him the power to make all this happen.

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