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Meet Iran's young Football player 'Rahul' who achieved success in a very short time and never gave up

They say that when you believe in yourself then no one can defeat you. no matter how difficult the path, Just always believe in yourself then success will automatically come to you. Today we are also going to talk about such people. who has achieved so much success in such a short time, Who worked hard continuously and today is on such a big stage, We are talking about Iran's young player Rahul who achieved success in a very short time and never gave up.

Moslem Mojademi was born in the city of Iran, who kept faith in himself towards hard work and today he is playing on behalf of Iran's team Naft Masjid Soleiman. Moslem Mojademi, Iranian football player of Persian Gulf Premier League, midfielder of Naft Masjid Suleiman, will be in this team in the next season.

According to Moslem News Agency, Mojdami, the midfielder of Naft Masjid Suleiman, extended his contract with this club for another season. Mojademi, who spent five seasons in the Sanat Naft team and played one year with Qatar's Al Muaither shirt, was a member of the MIS team in the 21st League.

And if he continues to work like this, then soon he will be played in the national team.
These are the people who make the country proud. God bless him a lot and let every youth learn from him that how he achieved such a big success at such a young age.

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