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Meet Vipin Yadav: The Indian Bodybuilder Who Won A Gold Medal In Russia

In the Pro League Bodybuilding Competition held in Russia 2K19, Vipin Yadav, who has been named India’s strongest bodybuilder, was strongly welcomed by securing first place in the 65 kg weight category. In this competition, 300 bodybuilders from different countries were defeated by Vipin Yadav. Vipin Yadav also runs GetFit Gym in Noida, it is known for being the biggest gym in Noida. Vipin Yadav is soon to launch his Fitness YouTube Channel.

Vipin Yadav firmly believes his knowledge could benefit the youth. Vipin has also won prestigious awards like Sheru Classic and Amateur Olympia. He's working hard on coming off as a strong contender in the Olympia Competition held abroad. Another top political leader said that by winning the gold medal in Russia, Vipin Yadav has not only illuminated the name of the district Gautam Buddha Nagar but the whole of India.

He said that he will continue to honor the sportspersons who have become an inspiration for the youth by illuminating the name of the district and the players will be encouraged after getting this honor. Due to which he will work even harder.

Vipin boasts as many as 70,000 followers on his Facebook page where he plans to post workout videos and share his mammoth knowledge with his fans and followers.

Vipin believes that working hard smartly is the way to go. You cannot just work hard and not be smart. When you are working hard and you do that smartly, there's no chance of mistakes. Vipin has also gained a lot of attention for his social media following.

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