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Megha Kawale, Hottest Talent in Town, Acing It with DJing & Pilates

Pilates is the form of exercise which focuses on strengthening the core muscles with balance and coordination.
It is science that helps you to understand the Mind-Body connection. If you want to loose weight, tone up or have a pain-free life, PILATES is definitely your answer!


When talking about Pilates, one cannot miss the powerhouse, Megha Kawale. Her passion and skills make her one of the most sought after Pilates instructors. Megha Kawale is the pioneer of health & music industry.
Being the first female DJ in the country & a master pilates instructor gives her a revolutionary outlook in both the fields.
Without a doubt, Megha Kawale is a woman of many talents. Starting her career with DJing and Modelling, she has turned over many stones to become a successful Pilates Instructor. Her modeling career demanded a fit and toned body all the time. However, her hectic schedule lined up with crazy shows and lifestyle, left her with no time and energy for herself. This made her lean towards Pilates for lean long muscles quickly and effortlessly. And that's where Megha fell in love with Pilates.


The Celebrity DJ and Pilates instructor says, “Music calms my mind and energises me where as pilates gives me focus and toned body, both of which make me happy. In the end, Life is about happiness. Pilates is my happy space in the day & DJing at night. Music & Movement should be everyone’s life-motto
Being extremely tall and lordic, she started to use pilates technique for her spine issues. she dived into the detail studying of pilates when she realised how efficient pilates technique was for injury rehab and this is how Dj Megha Kawale came into being an master ‘Pilates Instructor’.


Founder of Mindkore Pilates, DJ Megha Kawale started her pilates journey at South Mumbai home in her guest room in 2015. She started helping her friends and loved ones with injuries and that’s when she became known in south mumbai circle. It was a modest starting point for celebrity Dj with a few mats and 1 reformer and finally “A Boutique Pilates Studio”.


This ravishing beauty has made djing and pilates the LOVE of her life. Her x- ray vision and attention to detail makes her one of the best pilates instructor in mumbai city. She has carved out a very niche clientele that includes entrepreneurs, industrialists, artists, restauranteurs, fashion stylists, dancers, socialites and movie stars. Actress Kajal Agarwal is seen regularly doing her fitness routine at Mindkore Pilates. Bollywood star Anushka Sharma’s long lean muscles are because of her gruelling sessions with Megha at Mindkore Pilates. She has won the “Vogue award Fitness Expert” in 2020 and “The Best Female DJ ” WOW award in 2018.


Her flawless mixing style with perfect selection of tracks makes her the most sought after Dj by many high end international brands and event companies. Her eye for detail perfection in her workout makes her a pro in gentle rehab work and athletic reformer pilates as well.This unseen combination has been appreciated and supported by so many people making her one of the most successful Dj and pilates instructor in the country. “MUSIC AND MOVEMENT” is the motto of her life, she says.


Dance your heart out at a party djed by Megha Kawale or sweat it out under her skilful instructions at Mindkore Pilates, It’s an Experience!


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