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Mindflix Holidays Steer Away From Conventional Trips By Making Young Travelers Build Timeless Memories

The company is dedicated to making teenagers and young adults go beyond the generic itinerary.

Mindflix Holidays, a travel agency based in Mumbai, aims at giving a new perception to trips, treks, and holidays organized for teenagers and young adults. The company is dedicated to planning trips for travelers aged between 18 and 30, especially college students. Apart from making young travelers explore new regions and visit the most sought-after destinations, the core of Mindflix Holidays lies in the nature of the trips. 


With the majority of travelers being college-going students, Mindflix Holidays aims at providing young travelers with memories to cherish for a lifetime before they venture out of their colleges. More than the places to be visited, the trips revolve around providing a unique and stimulating experience to the travelers. 


One of the biggest highlights of the trips organized by Mindflix Holidays has been Dreamland – an exclusive New Year’s Eve Event organized by the team in 2019. To mark the memorable end to a 10-day trip to Himachal, the Mindflix team organized a mini-Sunburn in Chandigarh with a crowd of more than 4,000 young travelers. With renowned DJs and performers in the line-up, the gathering-turned-concert helped travelers end their trip and the year on a high note. 


Mindflix Holidays believes in creating memories like these for its travelers that can be cherished long after the trips end. The company makes frequent arrangements for bonfires, acoustic nights, and clubbing events to add to the conventional traveling experience. It aims at making trips as wholesome as possible, going beyond mere sight-seeing and following the conventional itinerary. 


Jay Vora, the brain behind Mindflix Holidays, believes that the trips often kindle relationships between the travelers that go a long way. He says, “Our trips often include young travelers who have a lot in common. We have had instances of travelers meeting for the first time during our trips and starting a business venture together. We have also had couples that meet during our trips and end up marrying each other! It is moments like these that keep us going. We have always hoped that young travelers start their journeys as strangers and develop relations on the way that last for a lifetime.”


As an addition to its services, Mindflix Holidays is set to launch Mindflix Gold in April 2022. Mindflix Gold is an exclusive unit dedicated to organizing premium and luxury trips for the high-profile crowd. These trips would include noted influencers and celebrities traveling along with the passengers, making the traveling experience exclusive. 


The company has also launched a project called ITCI (Influencers Travel Community Initiative) to provide free travel opportunities to influencers hailing from different regions of the country. The initiative is dedicated to satiating the wanderlust within influencers and providing young travelers with the experience to travel with their favorite influencers. The company also has a unit dedicated to trekking, camping, and adventure trips called TrekXotic.


To know more about Mindflix Holidays and their upcoming trips, visit their official website by clicking on the link here – www.mindflixholidays.com 


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