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Motivational speaker, Alma Chopra shares how mental wellbeing is important

Mental wellness has gained much attention and interest in the last few months. The obstacles faced during COVID have brought many issues to light that would have otherwise laid dormant. Even before the world went into lockdown, people struggled with keeping a healthy mental space due to professional pressures, social matters, or personal issues.

Social activist Alma Chopra offers one of the best contemporary examples of how to not let situational factors overcome one’s mental demeanor.  Her life is ridiculed with mental stressors, debilitating roadblocks, and a series of demoralizing events; however she stands today as a beacon of hope and an example of resilience.

Alma was diagnosed with acute Cerebellar Ataxia at the tender age of 10; During these years, her parents drove her to every part of the nation in quest of answers and someone who might give their daughter a better prognosis. When a more acceptable prognosis did not come, She came to realize that sitting and cursing the situation would not change the situation so chose to live and understood she had to light the torch of her life herself. The negativity that came with the diagnosis and degeneration could’ve consumed Alma, but instead she fought through the trial and tribunes and emerged with the fortitude to become the disability awareness and empowerment speaker she is today.

Having hit rock bottom several times, Alma has been able to channel the stale energy into a productive output and now is able to influence the lives of many people with her positivity. 

She emphasizes that even if you feel that your whole life is crumbling around you, you can always pick up the pieces and rebuild it. Over the years, she has tried to impart the same wisdom to youth all across the world.

Through the challenges in life Alma has  worked to keep up her mental health. According to her, mental wellness is vital in living life.  With her approach towards life, Alma ensures that all her listeners and followers understand that life is so much more than meeting deadlines, getting the promotion, or solving issues. The quality of ones life is defined by mental health, the satisfaction of meeting the deadlines, getting the promotion, or solving the issue depends on your mental health.

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