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Nato The Artist - New wave of Royal fusion in music industry

Nato the artist is one of the youngest  female music composers and singer- lyricist to have delivered back to back hits with her maiden Ep “Nato is here” with zee music company .


The royal lyrical  tonality , unique vocal texture , a rare fusion sensibility  has made her popular as *The Royal Nato the Artist .. *

While some call her   Indian Taylor swift , some simply say Nato the artist .

Billboard is already eying on her and award circuits have begun approaching her for several nominations .


One of the rare music composers and first female composer Who has been delivering rare and unique genre  Of fusion with punjabi Spanish , Arabic pop edm Sufi rock with Spanish .


A new  genre has taken birth from her already .

Nato brings with herself a different unique and rare artistic calibre.


With no God father what so ever

Nato believes in less social media stunts and more on crafting her artistic calibre.


Millennium artist ~Nato The Artist


One  and only *Nato the artist* is only female music Director to have touched so many versatile genres and that too with so much ease and smoothness in her very initial years .


Her songs have a wide range of versatilily as a composer , it speaks volumes about the length breadth of range from bold -sweet -love Sufi to Arabic pop to punjabi  - Spanish fusion .. the expanse  of her musical sensibility cross cultural boundaries and countries . Uniqueness lies in her being  beautifully Indian and  ethnic ability to swim  international music Sensibilities .


Unlike   other  artists composers,

Nato  Maintains a  low key on social media and stays away from social media  or too much social media stunts .

Her each reels became a sensation hits .


The artist  is  truely a  global citizen with the international vibe to her fusion songs .

Her sufi songs have already been picked for query for several nominations in the award circuits . Her songs have a unique International vibe with her heart and  soul purely  Indian .


Nato Is undoubtedly garnering Global artistic appeal with Indian roots.



One  and only Nato the artist is only female music Director to have touched so many versatile genres and Nato performed those songs with so much ease and smoothness in her very initial years .


Perhaps india has found her

Millennium artist ~Nato The Artist



She idolises  Gurdas mann and Sufi poets Michael Jackson, A R Rehman , Nusrat Fateh Ali khan , olden Persian singers and Vedic chanting and Jlo and.


This is first time that a  female composer has given birth to  a new musical genre and started a whole new wave of distinct music where cultural ensemble is the key .

Nato the artist has brought with herself a new wave of musical art... a never  seen before phenomena in music industry.


This goes without saying the hardships and resistance the artist is going  through . With no god father what so ever , she is standing tall and strong and is fearless about her sense of musical expressions.



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