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Nemesis made sure as Taliban consolidates its clutch in Afghanistan

It's been two weeks since the Taliban troops took over the Afghan capital by invading and the government asked the army to put down the arms and surrender. Later, the leaders of the country announced to provide amnesty to the soldiers and Afghan officials. However, it seems to be non-bonafide as the cases of disappearances, detentions, and executions have increased devastatingly. 

The United States carried out a missile strike on Islamic State militants in Kabul on Sunday, U.S. officials said, as its forces at the capital's airport worked to complete a withdrawal that will end two decades of involvement in Afghanistan.

US President Joe Biden gave a statement on  Saturday that the military commanders of the U.S believed a fresh attack could take place "in the next 24-36 hours", calling the situation to be "extremely dangerous". "I directed them to take every possible measure to prioritize force protection," he stated after a briefing from his national security team.

The US state department announced on Sunday that, It is believed that around 250 Americans are still trying to leave Afghanistan with just days left before a Tuesday deadline for the withdrawal of US troops from the nation.

The attack which was done on Kabul airport was one of the most noxious events in the last two decades since the U.S led its invasion of Afghanistan. The airstrike was carried away post the blistering attack made by US President Joe Biden in which he vowed to hunt down the terrorist behind the brutal act of bombing on Thursday. The United States had launched a counterterrorism operation targeting the Islamic State affiliate. According to the statement given by the U.S military, they were successful in smashing their target as a heavily fortified CIA base in Kabul has been destroyed. This is the first vengeance strike in Kabul post the bombing of the airport which caused the death of nearly 85 militants including 13 U.S troops.

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