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New Govt. Policy: If you take traffic accident victims to the hospital, you will now be paid

Anyone who saves the life of a road accident victim by taking them to a hospital within the "golden hour" will be paid under a new scheme announced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on Monday. The golden hour is the one-hour period following a traumatic injury when delivering prompt medical attention to the victim has the best chance of preventing death.

The initiative, which took effect on October 15, specifies that each Good Samaritan would receive Rs. 5000 per incident for taking a traffic accident victim to the hospital within an hour of serious injury.

The scheme was created to encourage people to help road accident victims in an emergency scenario by providing monetary awards and certificates, as well as to inspire and motivate others to save the lives of road accident victims. According to the standards, an individual Good Samaritan can only be rewarded five times each year in order to prevent misuse of the scheme.

This step comes after the insertion of section 134A, namely “Protection of good Samaritans” in the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act in 2019. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways published the Good Samaritan Protection Rules in 2019, stating that a Good Samaritan is not liable for any civil or criminal action for any injury to or death of a victim of a motor vehicle accident.

In reference to this, the ministry said, ”Now, it has been felt that there is a need to motivate the general public through cash awards and certificates to help the road accident victims in an emergency situation and to boost their morale, and also to inspire and motivate others to save lives of the road accident victims.”

Along with the Rs. 5,000 cash prize, a certificate will be presented. Aside from this prize, the ministry also announced that ten of the nation's most honourable helpers will receive a one-lakh-rupee award.

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