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Nitin Kalra appeals to celebrate this Valentine Day as Parents Worship Day

With February being just around the corner, people all around the country get excited about 14th February popularly celebrated as Valentine's Day. The day when couples who are romantically involved with each other spend time together, express their love for each other, and those who have a crush on someone express their feelings.

The popularity of the day is getting increased with each passing year. The growing impact and side effects of this valentine's day are worrisome for a few like social activist Nitin Kalra founder chairman of Indus Sindhu Organization. Kalra says, “the sale of Condoms and Alcohol is at an all-time high around the world on Valentine's day. The day is very popular among youngsters in India as well and they too have started to believe that valentine's day is a license to cross limits.”

Kalra suggests that it has become our responsibility to correct and guide our children. According to him, Saint Valentine and his connection with 14th February has no mention in history books and to him, it seems a mere marketing gig of a few MNCs to promote this day and boost up their sales. To counter and take it head-on, Kalra along with his few friends have decided to celebrate this day as Parents Worship Day. 

When asked about such a strong decision made by him he says, “Youngsters decide the fate of a nation and if the young generation is not on the right track then the future is in the dark of that society or nation. Nation-building starts with channelizing youth. So the best alternative to celebrate valentine's day is Parents Worship Day.” He further says, “It will give immense pleasure and satisfaction to parents too when they will be honored by their own kids.”  Keeping in mind the situation in western countries where kids sue their own parents, it's an appeal to every responsible Indian citizen of whichever religion to rise above all differences and participate in this initiative. At a time when old age homes are growing in number and parents are getting dumped there by kids, this campaign will definitely bring a smile to their faces.

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