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No song in Punjabi Music is completed without Dusky beauty Jesleen Slaich

Punjabi Music Industry is growing at a rapid pace, many top singers, musicians, are making our music famous with their talents. But have you noticed any song which has come without video song? Well, you will not find a single song without cars, exotic locations, dancers and models. 

As I was surfing the internet and listening to a few famous Punjabi songs like Dabdaa, Bappu Zamindar, Russia, Sweater and few more I found one thing common. And that common thing is beautiful and face of all these songs. Jesleen Slaich lovely looking Girl who is a pure Indian and Punjaban beauty, she has that swag of 21st century in her. This dusky beauty looks adorable in her every song. It is like no Punjabi songs today is complete without her. 

Jesleen Slaich plus point is she looks beautiful in every attire. You give her Indian dress. She will look typical town girl beautiful charm which provides us Desi flavor. You give her jeans and western clothes she will look like a top model in that. In short, she is a perfect mixture of Indo- western in her looks. Jesleen Slaich is an excellent dancer too. Which is helping grab more songs in her bag. Her recent success shows her capabilities. She is all set to join the Punjabi movie industry. According to the sources she is getting offers but she waiting for the right role in starting.

It is so good to see model and actress like Jesleen Slaich performing in songs. Her presence gives more spice to the songs, and we get more viewers due to her popularity. She has very sharp features, and every style looks stunning on her. I don't think there is any model in the Punjabi and B-town industry who looks like her and that's why she is seen in so many albums.

Jesleen Slaich has been seen in many blockbuster songs like Bappu Zamindar, Dabdaa, Kithe aa, Russia, Lancer, Parposal, Armani, Lovely vs PU, Nakhra Nawabi, end Jatti, Raund, Sweater, Chattri, Karmawali..... and the list will go on an on. This girl is everywhere. She is demand due to her looks and style she carries. Jesleen Slaich is a perfect face which can look stunning in movies too. We hope to see her in the film also in a short period of time, and we are sure that she will rock it as an actress in the movies too.

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