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OpeBo Industries – A 21-yr-old’s Startup Bringing Jobs To Indians

At a time when the unemployment rate in India has tripled due to the Corona pandemic, here comes OpeBo Industries Limited, whose sole aim is to provide jobs and remove corruption rampant in the service industry. This is a significant initiative of a young 21-year-old who wants to give wings to every skilled/unskilled job-seeker in the country. OpeBo is mainly concerned with supplying manpower as per requirements and they cater to companies as well as individuals, acting a bridge between supply and demand.
However, theirs is not a raw process of just churning out livelihood seekers. Instead, OpeBo Industries believes in nurturing skill set along with a job for a particular individual. According to OpeBo management, “We aim at utilizing the inherent skills in an individual to provide comfort to our customers. We are working towards holding a grip such that the customers think of using or services at even the slightest of inconvenience in their daily lives.” To ensure that, they have a readymade pool of skills to choose from and it includes plumbers, drivers, electricians, beauticians, cooks and security guards. 
Now they are also upgrading their skill-pool to include priests, house-maids, doctors, event managers and engineers to cater to the ever-increasing demand. 
By providing individuals with the right skill set, OpeBo Industries aims to help its associated companies reach their full potential and, thus, generate goodwill for itself in the process. Right now, their association is with government organizations, MNCs and established companies. They are looking forward to generate more government contacts and supply them with the right amount of candidates as per the requirement. Their motto is ‘consumer satisfaction’ coupled with ‘good quality work.’ OpeBo has already been recognized as a startup by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade of Government of India.
In order to ensure that the interested individuals are ready for the job market, the OpeBo Industries is also going to collaborate with the Industrial Training Institutes (it is) to help them hone their skills or acquire the desirable skill set. They are already doing ground work in this regard by connecting with rural governing bodies like Panchayats and guaranteeing a job to interested individuals. The main aim of OpeBo Industries is to contribute to India’s GDP by reducing unemployment with guaranteed jobs. 

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