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‘Plan My Health’ offers the most sought healthcare to the masses

Staying healthy in today’s unpredictable times is one of the most important aspects one focuses on. The path of staying healthy goes through a lot of turns and techniques. If there is one thing that matters more than your health then that has to be your family's well-being. Health insurance plans are one of the fundamentals which a person ought to have for the more satisfied and eventual fate of their family. And, for all of it, ‘Plan My Health’ has got you covered. 

'Plan My Health' is the brainchild of entrepreneur Akshay J Shah who is the CEO and Founder of the company. 'Plan My Health' is one of the most famous health care coverage organizations on the lookout. They center around a sound personal satisfaction and ideate measures to simplify it for you. They endeavor to help their clients live better by giving and aptitude help as their medical services accomplices. Their comprehensive health packages start from a basic of Rs 399 ranging to Rs 999 per person annually. 

What does ‘Plan My Health’ have to offer?

Yielding unlimited consultation for Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy with trained doctors they also provide free delivery of medicines and blood test collections at your doorstep. This digital healthcare company serves B2B and B2C clients like Corporate, Schools & Families. Successfully implementing onsite health checks, and wellness sessions with trained professionals, ‘Plan My Health’ succor 325 clients all-over with the help of 2000+ healthcare services network on a Pan-India basis. They plan on reaching and being a part of five million lives by the year 2025 and make a difference in their standards of living.

They also keep a track of all your medical records to remind you for regular health check-ups or follow-ups whenever it seems necessary. They have an electronic wallet system that enables you access to any of your reports at any given time. To assure your good health, they also bring forth free consultation with dietitians and psychologists with a detailed designed diet chart and exercise recommendations for a healthy mind respectively. 

They also offer educure services for educational institutes like schools and colleges wherein they ensure proper care of the children’s health and also organize proper wellness programmes. They believe that healthcare and medical services are soon going to be mandatory in all corporate areas and schools, and when that happens they are not going to leave any stone unturned to be the top-one trusted brand in the field.

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