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PM Modi slams Congress, said its history is about ‘encouraging terrorism and terror’

On May 2nd, 2023, Tuesday, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India alleged that Congress’ history is about “appeasing terror and terrorism,” and the party had questioned the defence forces of the country, at the time when the air strikes and surgical strikes were carried out. The Prime Minister said that unlike Congress which had left Karnataka ‘at the mercy of terrorists’ the ruling BJP has ‘broken the back’ of terror and appeasement. 


The Prime Minister was addressing an election campaign rally in Chitradurga ahead of the upcoming elections on May 10th. Also accusing the Congress for encouraging terrorism and terror, Narendra Modi said they can never increase investments in Karnataka as well as can not create new opportunities for the youth in the state. “Karnataka’s people should never forget the Congress' continuous history of terrorism as well as their thought process behind that. Their history is about appeasing terror and terrorists. When the Batla House incident happened in Delhi, there were tears in the eyes of Congress’ topmost leader, hearing about the news of the death of the terrorists,” PM Modi mentioned.  


He further added that when the air strikes and surgical strikes took place in India, it was Congress who raised the questions on the capability of the defence forces of the country. In the 2008 Batla House encounter in which two terrorists were gunned down by the police in their rental address in Jamia Nagar, the Prime Minister bashed Sonia Gandhi, the Congress chief and said that she had ‘tears in her eyes’ after hearing the tragic death of the terrorists.   


Congress party has lost its faith and warranty, PM Modi quoting that Congress election guarantee without warranty is nothing but lies only. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister tried his hand at playing a traditional drum. The Bharatiya Janata Party election manifesto has a roadmap to make Karnataka the number one state of the country. 

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