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Political Campaigner Umesh Chandra Padala lends a hand to the needy amid the pandemic

Having created various successful election campaigns, political campaigner Umesh Chandra Padala, left no stone unturned to provide aid to the ailing humanity during the global pandemic. Helping the needy with oxygen cylinders, he has arranged for more than 300 beds, 1500 vials of Remedesvirs and procured basic facilities to the ones who couldn’t get their hands on them. Working tirelessly for the last twenty days, Umesh has manifested himself as a COVID warrior.

Working closely with the MP of Tirupati, Gurumoorthy, he was able to provide assistance in these testing times.

Talking about the tough times people are dealing with, Umesh says, “I feel to be fortunate enough to be able to help the people in dire need of support. Procuring people with leads that they send along my way is just a small method by which I can contribute to help in this tiring situation. I urge everyone to stay their ground and keep believing that we will power through this."

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