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Potential covid-19 treatment to fight against the deadly virus

Amid the increasing covid-19 cases and slow vaccination rate in many areas, it has become exceedingly important to escalate the effective treatment for covid troubled patients. Recently a new study has been discovered exhibiting drug masitinib as an effective measure against many types of covid-19 including SARS-CoV-2. The drug has gone through several clinical tests yet no green signal has yet been given. Scientists from Chicago are the minds behind the exceptional research-based theory.  Further, the drug is also said to be effective in the face of covid-19 variants. Ultrabright X- Rays of the advanced photon source, a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility at Argonne has assisted in determining the connection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus with the masitinib drug. There is no doubt that science is doing exceptionally well and is contributing to the growth of the nation. Drug masitinib is one of the outcomes of cumulative advancement. 

Cutthroat competition in detecting the secret key towards curing covid-19 patients

Covid since the day it came into existence is continually booming, making the world a life-threatening environment. Doctors from all over the globe take up the role of covid warriors. Through their relentless efforts, they came out with the covid- treatment comeback. With the surge in the growing cases, doctor’s attempts have also been climbing high. Scientists from the University of Chicago have been successful in finding out the covid-19 drug masitinib. The drug is currently only approved for the treatment of cell tumors in dogs, it has also undergone human clinical trials for several diseases like Alzheimer’s,  multiple sclerosis, asthma etc. Though it has been shown safe but also gives rise to several side effects. Some of them are gastrointestinal disorders, edema and can also increase the patient’s risk for heart diseases.  

The drug masitinib has also been tested against three SARS-CoV-2 variants, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. The researcher team has started working with a pharmaceutical company that was the key role player in discovering the antidote. Right now researchers are focussing on tweaking the drug to make it more effective for humans as a covid-19 treatment. Not to forget that the covid is not over yet and is not going to end soon so the nation should prepare itself to fight this deadly covid-19 pandemic.

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