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Power Couple and Influencer Melanie Dupuis and Dave Dupuis Is Transforming Life Of Others

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work to achieve it. This is the story of power couple Melanie Dupuis and Dave Dupuis, who transformed not only their own lives but also the life of others.

The journey of noted authors Melanie and Dave were full of struggles, especially after they met an accident in the year 2017 but their will to win let them stand firm. They penned a book which became the best seller on 'Amazon'. The book was then endorsed by Michael Sarracini (HGTV’s Income Property and CEO and Founding Partner of Keyspire) as well as Alfonso Cuadra (International Speaker, Author & TV Host).

Destiny is very unpredictable and it can take you to the most unexpected paths. Despite hailing from real estate background, the two became a home name as authors and so much that their book soon will take a shape of a movie. The story of their success is so inspiring that one of the noted filmmakers thought of presenting it on camera.

Melanie and Dave have also shared secrets of success in the book which will help others achieve the unachievable.

What makes them a power couple is their dedication towards family and work both. Mother of three kids, Melanie was so much managed in her life that she never failed in giving proper time to her kids.

Speaking about the film, Melanie said, "We never wrote the book thinking in mind that one day it takes a shape of a film. But yes, now as it is happening, I am excited about it. We are in talks with a noted filmmaker and hopefully things will be on documents very soon."

When discussed about the film, Dave said, "Initially I was not ready for it as I felt that why to dramatize something which already has a good connect with people. But I agreed on a condition that film will portray exactly the same story what is there in the book. Nothing would be added on just to bring the crisp in the film. I hope people will like it and our journey will get love and support from the audience."

Talking further about the film, Dave said, "This film not only is a story to watch but this definitely will inspire people to work hard to achieve their dreams."

The film is slated for Dec 2020 release and it will go on floor very soon.

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