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Pranav Mishra & Shoaib Ali on a Mission to Change Lives with Hope begins Foundation

In this fast-paced society, we often overlook one of our fundamental duties that as humans we should fulfill, is helping our fellow human beings. There are many people who are impoverished not because they are hungry or homeless, but because they lack the affection they need from others. To help such people, Pranav Mishra & Shoaib Ali, founders of Hope Begins Foundation, are working in the favour of upliftment of the less fortunate.

A great cause started by a group of friends, Hope Begins Foundation has evolved into one of the purest acts of human kindness to be witnessed. Initially, they began working towards using sports as a channel to bring a positive change and happiness in the lives of differently-abled people in India. Later, they concentrated their efforts towards feeding the hungry as the situation completely changed post the pandemic. Offering a helping hand, they have organized various food distribution drives in the nearby localities and have also organized cricket tournaments, etc. for the differently-abled. They plan to extend their efforts to as many people as they can reach out to, to help them survive with ease.

With the help of the co-founder Bitupan Baruah, the organization has been able to help numerous individuals, families and also organize events in Delhi NCR, Jaipur and some parts of Uttar Pradesh. Since the beginning of this pandemic, they have been helping the underprivileged with food and ration to ensure availability of basic survival resources to them. The ration packets that they have been distributing are called Happiness Kits, and till now they have delivered 30 lakh ration packets.

As the pandemic situation became concerning this year, when the second wave had hit the country, the team took up a mission to feed 1500 families regularly for three months. In addition, they helped over 1000 families and served cooked meals to people who were unable to cook for themselves due to infection of Covid-19 and also to full families where all members had been infected. They not only distributed food but also provided entertainment for underprivileged youngsters. The organization is driven to expand its efforts across India in order to assist as many people as possible.

Discussing what keeps the team and volunteers motivated, one of the founders said, “Finding flaws in others is always an easy way out; what we lack is the ability to improve ourselves first. We can only expect people to work for the improvement of society if we take a step from ourselves”. Driven on the principles of caring, sharing and humility, Hope Begins Foundation aims to make a valuable difference in the lives of individuals and communities that are often overlooked by the society.

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